Work smarter with your firm’s knowledge

Knowlex helps you to manage, protect and share your firm's knowledge, so that you and your team can work more efficiently.

The best way to use knowledge

For intellectual professions, knowledge is a distinctive success factor. Knowlex helps you manage, protect and share your knowledge in a fast and intuitive way, so that you and your team work more efficiently.

Easy data entry

upload your documents with a single mouse click. Add documents, spreadsheets or presentation, and even scans, which are digitized through OCR.

Intelligent search engine

Quickly find the document you need by entering any keyword in the search field. Our search engine scans the full text of all documents. Success guaranteed.

Enrich knowledge

Enrich your firm's knowledge by commenting on uploaded files and sharing your insights.

Inform the firm

Get notified when new documents are added to your groups. See at a glance which valuable knowledge your office creates.

Why firms use Knowlex

Discover how firms use Knowlex on a day-to-day basis. They put their trust in Knowlex to work more efficiently and are convinced by its power and ease of use.

"The ease of use of the tool caught our interest and the powerful performance of the search engine convinced us..."

Your knowledge. Intelligently managed.


Powerful automatic text recognition enables you to automatically search the full text of scanned files.

Automated anonymization

Quickly and automatically hide confidential data you don't wish to share: depersonalize your documents thanks to machine learning.

Client portal

Further highlight your firm's distinctive knowledge by sharing it with your client in a private online space.

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Designed for you

Our team has helped a lot of firms in getting started with Knowlex. Thanks to our tailored trainings, you quickly learn everything you need. With respect for the knowledge structure you developed over the years, we migrate all your documents to a powerful and innovative knowledge management system. Your data security is our top priority.


Create your account

Create an account and get started without installing anything. Knowlex operates from your web browser, so there's no updating.


Data migration

Our team gladly imports your data from your current system into Knowlex.


On-site trainings

Our team is happy to offer on-site trainings, so that you and your team get the most out of Knowlex.

Discover how Knowlex makes you and your firm work more efficiently

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Lees de e-books

Lees e-books
Knowlex has everything to become the product to further digitize the legal market.
Schoups Lawyers
Knowlex biedt voor ons kantoor een zeer handige tool om kennis onderling en op efficiënte manier te delen en dit op een zeer gebruiksvriendelijke manier.
Van Eeghem OndernemingsAdvocaten
Een gebruiksvriendelijke interface en een uiterst performante zoekmotor, dat is Knowlex in een notendop.
De verschillende filters alsook het zoeken van trefwoorden in de tekst zelf, zijn echt wel een pluspunt.
Notaire Bogaert
Avec Knowlex, il existe enfin un programme convivial permettant de numériser facilement les connaissances du bureau.
Avocats Stappers
Knowlex laat Antwerpse advocaten toe om informatie op een heel eenvoudige manier op te slaan en te delen met confraters.
De Orde van Advocaten Antwerpen